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Team up with Superclean in Dallas, TX, the country’s leading cleaning service provider! We have been the preferred cleaning partner of clients from various industries for more than 40 years. Read our select case studies today and learn how adept our cleaning company is in aiding industry-leading firms with their commercial cleaning concerns.

Case Studies

Telecommunications Company

  • Consolidated territory of the Southeast US to achieve 10% cost savings for the client for janitorial, floor care, and window washing.

  • Implemented green cleaning program to LEED standards across the Southeast US, saving on chemical costs, reducing the number of chemicals in the store, and increasing safety and health of cleaners and building occupants.

  • Managed daily janitorial service with high quality, including twice monthly site visits by Superclean field managers; utilizing tablet capability to record and share surveys and photos real-time with the office team. This enables the team to review prior deficiencies and corrective actions taken in order to maintain consistency of quality service.

National Retailer

  • Routinely consulted with the top leadership in Gap facilities on the best practices for cleaning scopes and flooring asset longevity; many of our recommendations have been implemented.

  • Performed not only cleaning services but also floor repair and replacement. We owned the floor care and asset life from start to finish and provided competitive costs on repair work as bundled with PM budgets. We maintained an inventory of back stock in order to handle floor repairs quickly and purchase in bulk to control costs.

  • Managed chemical compliance by purchasing and shipping the appropriate chemicals, which also resulted in reduced costs due to our national discount.

Fast Casual Restaurant

  • Designed a carpet cleaning program with cleaning frequencies adjusted to counter sales and regional weather factors with the result of increasing the asset life of their carpet from 18 months to 7 years.

  • Partnered with operations in implementing periodic maintenance that eliminated high-risk activities such as high dusting or ceiling cleaning, and supported functions which the staff was unable to deep clean due to lack of professional equipment or expertise; placed ownership back on restaurant staff for daily items such as restrooms and kitchen equipment.

  • Provided a unique, balanced billing approach to amortizing costs evenly month to month for each site.

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